Subrogation Recovery Services

Subrogation Recovery Services

For years, the subrogation attorneys at Christensen & Taylor have been leading the way to help workers’ compensation insurers recover losses due to the negligence of third parties, ultimately improving the insurance carriers’ loss ratios and bottom lines, while building meaningful relationships with its clients at the same time.  

We realize third party work injuries can result in significant expenses and understand the importance of being reimbursed these costs.  If a third-party is involved in an on the job injury with your insured, there may be an opportunity for subrogation recovery and reimbursement.  Our attorneys collaborate directly with carriers to review and analyze claims, identify potential third-party responsibility, and propose cost-efficient strategies to pursue recoveries through litigation in state or federal court.   Our attorneys proactively manage cases utilizing cost-effective strategies to maximize recovery opportunities.  

As your advocate, we are determined to accurately assess your subrogation claim and provide trustworthy counsel as we work to identify the best potential for maximum recovery.  This includes stepping into the injured worker’s shoes as necessary and proceeding as plaintiff in a third-party action in state or federal court.  In sum, we resolutely pursue all effective avenues of subrogation for carriers.

Our clients and their subrogation departments or adjusters work directly with an attorney at Christensen & Taylor, no middle person, through every step of each claim.   For skilled, personal and determined representation of your file, please contact the subrogation attorneys at Christensen & Taylor. 


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